Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of creating beautiful portraits of your baby for your family. It is my hope that together we craft not only awesome memories, but gorgeous, timeless images as well.

My style is Light and airy, I love creating portraits that you can frame and showcase on your wall for years to come, so I strive to get several poses of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. But I also love capturing the fun moments of families playing, snuggling, and just loving on each other so you can cherish those special moments.

All sessions are shot in studio for optimal control and safety. Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yourself and your baby. Looking forward to meeting with you!

FOR baby

what to expect

Please feed baby right before you leave your home so they are nice and sleepy when you arrive. Also, please do not let him/her sleep beforehand, instead try giving him a bath, let him kick with only a diaper, tickle his toes, and even let him fuss for a little bit for the few hours before the car ride. This will help get those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures!

Please dress baby in a button down sleeper so that it is easy for me to remove without pulling it over his/her head.

I can't stress that it's so important to do your best to keep him/her awake. Many parents come in saying "baby has been sleeping all morning, but trust me, he sleeps SO good this time of day!" only to have baby wake up, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled!

I will have baby in my small studio space/bedroom where it will be at least So degrees to keep baby nice and warm. My waiting area for parents is in my family room right next to the studio room. There will be a TV and I have wifi so feel free to relax and even take a nap! I will not need much assistance, I will bring baby to mama when needed to feed which is usually more frequent than usual. You are also welcome to come watch in the studio room.

Sessions last between 3-4 hours, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper, or is hungry! The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to nurse/bottle feed off and on.

If you are nursing and baby occasionally drinks from a bottle please bring it to help speed up feeding.

Baby will need a pacifier for soothing purposes during the session, I cannot stress how important a pacifier is for your session, without it baby is not soothed and it makes it stressful for baby and parents. If you have a pacifier please bring it, if you don't have one or forget no problem, I have some in the studio. I will only use it for soothing in between poses so baby will only have it for a short period of time.

FOR mom & dad

Mom & Dad you are a big part of the show. Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my all time favorite things. Just as they encourage in the hospital, skin to skin contact creates the most beautiful images.

Dads: if you prefer not to be shirtless I ask that you bring a tight fitting black or white t-shirt to wear with a good pair of Jeans.

Moms: Please wear a black or white shirt or tank top. Keep the color neutral and design simple. Be sure that you have no nail polish on as your hands will make their way into the images. Also, rest assured, I aim to photograph using flattering angles and light to bring out the natural beauty in your family.

For siblings

Including older brother/sister(s) in your newborn's portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives.

Sister(s): I provide a wrap that will act as the perfect top, or please bring along a snug fitting tank in a neutral color. I ask that girls hair be natural (or in braids) and free of bows, headbands, etc. Just as with mom, no nail polish please.

Brother(s): A snug pair of jeans and shirtless are preferred, please take a few moments to chat with your guy about this so he feels prepared for the session - though if he prefers not, a tight-fitting white t-shirt is fine. 

where to find me

Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your new little one in his/her first few days of life. Newborns are my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be around these little miracles so much. I look forward to meeting your sweet little one, here is where to find me. 

12840 N. Fox Hollow Dr
Marana, AZ 85653


a few more details

If siblings will be joining you for the session I have cable,  Netflix, Disney+ and others as well as puzzles and toys out for them. Feel free to bring a favorite small toy or two to help them pass the time!

It is my hope that you come to the studio feeling comfortable and at home.

I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!

Any questions at all please feel free to call/text me at 520-394-6500