Thanks so much for allowing me the honor of creating beautiful portraits for your family. It is my hope that together we craft not only awesome memories, but gorgeous, timeless images as well.

 My style is Light and airy, I love creating portraits that you can frame and showcase on your wall for years to come, so I strive to get several poses of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. But I also love capturing the fun moments of families playing, snuggling, and just loving on each other so you can cherish those special moments.

All sessions are shot in the evening for optimal lighting - the time frame of this will depend upon the season and the sun. We will discuss this more in detail if we haven’t already. Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yourself and your family! Looking forward to meeting with you!


prior to your session

Preparing your kids for our session as much as possible often takes the timidness out of the evening. Please make sure kids know that this is FUN! No threats, as they usually bring about tears and added stress. Don’t even bother telling them to be sure to smile or “be good”. Some kids who have been coached to smile for the photographer get so nervous that they are fighting laughing and relaxing because they are so worried about having their picture taken or making their parents happy!

Instead, I’m a huge fan of bribery - (ice cream after!) is always a great idea for the ones who need a little extra encouragement. However, please don't bring sweets for bribing during the shoot. They tend to end up being a distraction.


Moms, I’m speaking to you. Is your husband feeling less than thrilled about your upcoming photo shoot? A little bribery seems to work well here (though maybe something better than ice cream!) as well!

But seriously, let your husband know that the shoot will be relatively painless and to try to focus on having an hour to play with the kids, hold your hand and just savor the moment!



Ah, the age old question always associated with photo shoots. Styling is one thing I try not to have too much of a hand in, since I want you guys to still be you, not Amanda Summerhays' idea of fashion. However, here are my 2 cents:

layers and textures. are beautiful and create interest in photos, they are especially important when working with a color palette a bit on the neutral or softer side. When I say textures one of the ways to achieve that is with different clothing materials and accents - tweed, crochet and embroidery details, lace, ribbons, ruffles, furs, etc. Also having different layers of clothing and accessories can add another dimension to the overall texture of the image

 *Side note: Stay away from gaudy gerber daisy flowers in neon, large bows or any obvious trends that will be dated soon. We want the focus to be on the subject 


When styling a photo session, I like to start out with a basic neutral color palette and it can go from there (blues, creams, grey, tan) Then you can add one or two “color pops” that the rest of the group’s clothing or accessories pull from. It tends to be eisier to find the “center stage”pieces in girls and women’s clothing, so I’ll often start with the females and then pull colors from their outfits to create a look for the boys and dads.

head to toe

styling continued

Remember to dress down to you and your family's feet! No scuffed Nike shoes for boys, but fun shoes like Converse, "boat" shoes, or boots. Same for girls, no Dora crocs, but more traditional Mary Janes or boots work best!

Remember the Olan Mills look of everyone in khakis + white button down shirts? That isn’t the kind of matching I’d like you to do. Again, think coordinating without matching perfectly.

Dads, instead of defaulting to a plain ole polo - look for fun colors, stripes, plaids. Texture photographs amazingly. Get creative!

Helpful tip! Head into your local GAP (or the like) and mention you are styling for family photos. They are happy to direct you - and free of charge! No need to pay a stylist when you have knowledgeable fashion advice right there in the store.

what not to wear

mom & DAD

the day of your session

During the shoot, if you are not in the picture, please let me just interact with your child, unless I ask for help! Many parents will stand behind me trying to get their babies' attention and all it does is distract baby from me!

I like to give the little ones a chance to just play with me, so it's okay if they aren't giving big smiles right off the bat. Trust me and trust the process.

Mom and dad, as you focus on your children, don’t forget about yourself! Keep your posture good as well as ensuring your chin doesn’t pull in. These allow for the most flattering images.

Something else to keep in mind is to be watchful of your own expression as you’re trying to get baby to smile. Remember you are in the photos as well!

Rest assured I’ll be watching all of you and will definitely let you know if I see something out of place or looking off.